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101 Guide to Online Marketing from SEOmoz

SEOmoz has outlined a 24 week road-map for beginners in online marketing. But the long infographic build around a Wheel of Marketing with 8 core components like social media, organic search, lead generation, analytics etc. is also inspirational for experienced online marketers. Read more at: SEOmoz: The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

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Key Stats from Google on 2010

Google has compiled a neat little video that showcases some of the key stats they have picked up on especially search in 2010.

Think with Google: What We Learned in 2010.

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The Devil is in the Detail

Optimising paid search advertising programs is all about hard work. Testing and tuning over and over again.

Many advertisers and search industry commentators mistakenly talk about and desperately pursue so-called creativity as the holy grail in creating ad texts, keyword research etc. Creativity is fine but nothing beats hard work. Read this brilliant post that nails the truth about paid search optimisation: Clickz: To Succeed in Paid Search, Think Inside the Box

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New Google advertising model?

Google is by definition always in beta. Commentators are now speculating that Google is testing what could be the next generation of the world’s most successful advertising model with Google AdWords.

It is a simple but very effective advertising model that builds on relevance by keyword targeting consumers search queries with targeted ad texts. But rumors are that Google could be testing future advertising without keywords. Imagine Google crawling the advertiser’s website, creating the ad the site should buy and automatically purchasing and placing the ad in the search result page. If rumors are true it would be yet another experiment from Google, that potentially could expand the advertising model. Read more at: SearchBlog: Could Google Be Contemplating New Business Models?

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Automated PPC search

What is next in line for search advertisers?

Automisation in PPC search management is no longer just about simple bid management rules and algorithms desperately trying to make sense of small search query volumes. Google has recently launched Automated Rules that allows search advertisers to automate changes and control of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad texts on-the-fly. But use it with care in order not to hinder full business potential.

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